Client :
Dumoulin aero
Alleur (Belgium)

Type of solution :
Chargement de pièces
ARMIN machine :
série M

DUMOULIN AERO is a company from Liège specialized in the production of connecting parts used in aircraft wing mechanisms.  Historically, DUMOULIN AERO has produced firearms but has diversified into the manufacture of titanium and high-strength metal components for the aeronautical industry.

Thanks to its experience in the armaments industry, the company quickly assimilated the requirements and constraints of the aeronautical world and quickly became a key supplier of elements to the main world aircraft manufacturers : AIRBUS, BOMBARDIER and EMBRAER.

Only 6 months after a first ARMIN robotic installation successfully carried out, DUMOULIN AERO has already ordered its second installation.

Indeed, convinced by the benefits brought in terms of time savings, efficiency and repeatability on the first robot cell , DUMOULIN AERO quickly identified a possibility of first operations robotization on another family of parts.

This second cell is an ARMIN T (Drawer) which is charge for carrying out roughing operations on both sides of the raw parts received from the material supplier.

To do this, the ARMIN cell is combined with a MAZAK VTC milling machine configured in pendulum mode.  Thanks to this configuration, the machine works during robot unloading/loading.  Finally, the spindle continuously mills.

The modularity of ARMIN software made it possible to start up this cell without modifying the robot program.  In fact, simple configuration management (a vice or a lathe chuck) like complex machines (two spindles, tawo tables, roto pallets,…) is integrated to ARMIN. As a result, a configuration that seems "non-standard" is actually "standard" with ARMIN.

Applications in images

Customer testimonials

ARMIN M20-T with MAZAK Integrex I-200

Vise (Belgium)

Cédric Polmans, administrator, explains: "The objective was therefore to make the most of this new CNC's potential by running it autonomously and for more than 8 hours a day"

M35-Compact with accumulation conveyor

Haine-Saint-Pierre (Belgium)
Nicolas DAIX and Vincent SERVAIS, managers and partners: “The latest improvements have further increased the usability and functionality of the ARMIN software. It's fast and intuitive! In less than 15 minutes, we change production! "

2D conveyor and camera

Dumoulin aero
Alleur (Belgium)

Geoffroy Cammermans, CEO : « The installation went perfectly, everything works according to our expectations.  The ARMIN team is very responsive and attentive.  This allowed us to build a production cell meeting our needs on the basis of their standard solution. »

Bin picking with 3D vision


The Technical & Production Manager : « In order to meet the requirements of our aircraft manufacturer customers, we had to increase our productivity and reduce our costs.  It is with this objective that we contacted ARMIN to study the the automation of an OKUMA GENOS lathe.  I must admit today that the result has exceeded our expectations.

ERNAULT CNC lathe robotization

Le Palais-sur-Vienne (France)

Christophe Sécheret : « It was the first robot in our workshops.  The main drivers of this acquisition were competitiveness, the reduction of manufacturing cycles, the robustness of the process and the modernization of our plant ».

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