2D conveyor and camera

Client :
Alleur (Belgium)

Type of solution :
Chargement de pièces
ARMIN machine :
série M

DUMOULIN AERO is a company from Liège specialized in the production of connecting parts used in aircraft wing mechanisms.  Historically, DUMOULIN AERO has produced firearms but has diversified into the manufacture of titanium and high-strength metal components for the aeronautical industry.

Thanks to its experience in the armaments industry, the company quickly assimilated the requirements and constraints of the aeronautical world and quickly became a key supplier of elements to the main world aircraft manufacturers : AIRBUS, BOMBARDIER and EMBRAER.

Before this robotization project, the company worked in a traditional way and had not yet tested automation of its production.  Convinced by the benefits of automation, management had been looking for some time to integrate this technology in the workshop.

After analysis, it was decided to start with the automation of the milling center.  After pre-study, it was decided to robotize a cell producing parts completely finished and ready to be shipped to the customer.
To do this, the ARMIN solution chosen was a conveyor version with 2D vision combined with two MAZAK 3-axis milling machines and a 3D WENZEL control machine.

The conveyor solution combined with ARMIN's 2D vision enables all parts to be produced without any robot setup Indeed, the robot adapts and locates the parts on the conveyor without having to use positioning masks.  Today, the robot cell produces parts by performing operation 1 on a first machine, operation 2 on the second and then passing the parts to 3D control.  After installation and commissioning, DUMOULIN AERO has quickly seen significant gains in efficiency and consistancy.

Geoffroy Cammermans, CEO : « The installation went perfectly, everything works according to our expectations.  The ARMIN team is very responsive and attentive.  This allowed us to build a production cell meeting our needs on the basis of their standard solution. »

Actually, thanks to the flexibility of ARMIN mechanical solutions and software, it was possible to create a custom cell using only standard modules.  Finally, the client has a dedicated production cell that meets a specific need without having to develop special machines and automation.

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