• More spindle hours ?
  • More flexibility ?
  • Increase the profitability of your CNC ?
  • Improve ergonomics within your company ?

Thanks to our wide range of automation solutions, we can help you.

  • Loading parts
  • Zero-point pallets
  • tool change
  • Foundry parts
  • ....

Tables, conveyors, storage systems, 2D vision, bin picking,.... our technologies provide an answer to each problem and our modular design offers you the reliability, the price et the delivery time of the standard with the experience of tailor-made!

Expert in CNC and automation for more than 10 years, ARMIN engineers are listening to your challenges and will study with you the best solution to pass them.

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Why automate ?

Increased productivity


Increased productivity

Increase your available spindle time and make a maximum out of your machine park."




Change in demand or requests in emergency from your customers, robots offer you the necessary flexibility and reactivity ."

Lower costs

réduction des couts

Lower costs

Increase your profit by optimisation of your CNC spindle time with 24h/24, 7j/7 work.




Give the robot heavy and repetitive tasks

Want to learn more ?


Wether you are looking to automate turning or milling, loading pallets or parts, there is an ARMIN solution that fits your needs.

Automation specialist with long experience in machining, we understand your challenges and master the solutions.


On compact chassis or in modules, ARMIN robotic cells have a very small footprint (less than 1.5m²).

Modular design

By combining standardized solutions, ARMIN is able to meet your specific needs !


Thanks to an open design, ARMIN cells can evolve to adapt to your future needs.

Easy to use

Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, no robotics or automation skills are required.


From studying your project to the first automated series, ARMIN is by your side to support you and meet your needs.

State-of-the-art technologies

By constantly integrating the latest technologies (3D camera,…) ARMIN simplifies robotics and meets your constantly changing needs.

Creative, innovative et determined

Three adjectives that describe the spirit of the ARMIN Robotics team. By combining them, we can always meet the requirements of our customers.

Efficient after-sales service

Remotely (phone, VPN) or directly at your place, a team of engineers is available to you every day.

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Customer testimonials

ARMIN M20-T with MAZAK Integrex I-200

Vise (Belgium)

Cédric Polmans, administrator, explains: "The objective was therefore to make the most of this new CNC's potential by running it autonomously and for more than 8 hours a day"

M35-Compact with accumulation conveyor

Haine-Saint-Pierre (Belgium)
Nicolas DAIX and Vincent SERVAIS, managers and partners: “The latest improvements have further increased the usability and functionality of the ARMIN software. It's fast and intuitive! In less than 15 minutes, we change production! "

2D conveyor and camera

Alleur (Belgium)

Geoffroy Cammermans, CEO : « The installation went perfectly, everything works according to our expectations.  The ARMIN team is very responsive and attentive.  This allowed us to build a production cell meeting our needs on the basis of their standard solution. »


Alleur (Belgium)

The modularity of ARMIN software made it possible to start up this cell without modifying the robot program.  In fact, simple configuration management (a vice or a lathe chuck) like complex machines (two spindles, two tables, roto pallets,…) is integrated to ARMIN. As a result, a configuration that seems "non-standard" is actually "standard" with ARMIN.

Bin picking with 3D vision


The Technical & Production Manager : « In order to meet the requirements of our aircraft manufacturer customers, we had to increase our productivity and reduce our costs.  It is with this objective that we contacted ARMIN to study the the automation of an OKUMA GENOS lathe.  I must admit today that the result has exceeded our expectations.

ERNAULT CNC lathe robotization

Le Palais-sur-Vienne (France)

Christophe Sécheret : « It was the first robot in our workshops.  The main drivers of this acquisition were competitiveness, the reduction of manufacturing cycles, the robustness of the process and the modernization of our plant ».

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