Our company

MH-Automation develop robotic solutions for the CNC industry since 2012.
We started with the automation of the machine of one of our sister company
Then, we developped the portfolio of robotic solution but always with tailor made cell and solutions
Since 2016 and in order to cope with the demand, we worked in partnership with company DESIMONE sa.

In 2017, we put on the market a complete range of standard cells for automatisation of CNC Machines
All the solutions we implemented in this standard cells are proven and tested solutions we already implemented in other project.

Since some months, MH-AUTOMATION takes part of the "KUKA Partners PROGRAM" and is recognized as official KUKA integrator.


2012 First simple installation
2013 First Palletchanger
         Proto RTS
2014 Tailormade CNC production line
         First Toolchanger
2015 CUBE Serie development
         'Table' solution development
2016 Partnership with DESIMONE sa.
         Official KUKA partner
         Automotive assembly line
         First convoeyor solution with vision system
2017 Launch of the standard solutions ARMIN